Day lighting

Day-Lighting Systems

One of the World’s Cleanest, Safest and Affordable Energy Efficiency Solutions

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption in key sectors such as buildings (energy consumption: 30% (IEA 2017)) requires the implementation of smart solutions and innovative technologies.

In the building sector, particularly the tertiary sector, the peak demand for energy-intensive electric lighting occurs at the same time as the maximum availability of natural light, that is, during daylight hours. Several dark areas in buildings are occupied all day long and have a significant demand for electric lighting even during daytime. There are several reasons for this, including poor building orientation, designs which place rooms far from the outer walls, windows which do not allow the recommended level of luminance, and basements occupied and operational all day.

The development of efficient lighting has historically caused a separation between human beings and the safest and most efficient source of lighting: natural light. One means of returning to this natural source of light is the subject of this innovative solution.

Several natural lighting systems exist with the goal of attaining uniform illumination deep into buildings at a low cost.

To address this problem, M-engineering study, design, finance, install, train and service day lighting systems solutions for:

Industrial Buildings
Commercial centers
Poultry farms
House hold
Public institutions
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