Solardo: A way to reduce electricity consumption during day time

An Innovation that address climate change

One of the main challenges that face our world is energy transition. In fact, to address climate change problem, energy efficiency should contribute to 40% in reducing Greenhouse gas by 2040. However:
Electric lighting in buildings is using approximately 40% of total energy even during day time (IEA 2017).
Lighting energy in the office workplace exceeds 35% from the global energy consumption even during daytime.
Administrations, laboratories, industries, schools, basements and houses are lit by artificial light more than eight hours during the day while there is normally an excess of light outdoors in comparison with the amount of illumination required at most work places even on a grey days.

Why Artificial light is used in daytime ? while outdoor light exceeds 30 times our needs !!


SOLARDO: Being inside Feeling outside

How does our solution work ?
Mirrored parabolic solar concentrator
Sun tracking system
Fiber optic wires
Novel device securing the fiber optic bundle at the focal point while ensuring natural ventilation, three level of heat filtration and uniformity illumination

Solardo Timeline

  • 01 Jan 2014

    Starting an Engineering consulting office for Building electricity

  • 01 Sep 2015

    Adding Environmental engineering studies to services

  • Oct 2015

    Innovation journey began for co-founders with PhD research studies

  • Avr 2016

    Solardo GIZ MASEN the first excellence prize in innovation category

  • Sep 2016

    Science Academy Creation

  • Mai 2017

    Prize for Solardo. "University Mohamed V Best Patent of the year"

  • Jun 2017

    Prize for Solardo: "Solardo INPEX international gold Medal (America's largest invention trade show) Pittsburgh/USA

  • Sep 2017

    Prize for Eco Materials. "INWI prize "Start-up of the year"

  • Nov 2017

    Prize for Solardo: "BIXPO 2th international Gold Medal (Bitgaram international Exposition of Electric Power Technology) Gwangju, South Korea

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