Waste Management

Waste Management

Be in Accordance with the Industrial Ecology Objectives

Our deep expertise in various domains of environmental engineering enables us to bring innovative and creative solutions to your waste management challenges. Our approach involves three essential steps:

  1. Firstly, we believe that a rigorous analysis and characterization of your industrial by products is the first key factor to identify clever strategies of management, reuse and recycling.
  2. Depending on their properties an innovative process is conceived that may include pre-treatment and reprocessing. These processes aim at providing an efficient and sustainable management, for example through energy reuse or manufacture of “eco-products”.
  3. We test the resulting products according to local legislation standards, which facilitate expanding our solution to an industrial scale. We work also on the assessment of the environmental impact related to the finished product (contaminants leaching, analysis and modelling).

We have collaboration with national and international partner’s specialists in complementary areas.

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